Let’s share a smile and more…

It was already the 3rd Charity Ball of Krystian Popiela’s Let’s Share a Smile Foundation. The Foundation takes care of those whose sports careers have been hampered by illness or who have suffered injuries, helping them to recover and return to active sports. Many well-known sportsmen and sportswomen have supported the Foundation, for example by […]

Success in a dispute with an insurance company

We successfully represented a client in a dispute against an insurance company for damages caused at a construction site. Despite the initial unfavourable opinion of an expert, we managed to convince the court to consult another expert, which resulted in a favourable judgment for our client.

We are recruiting!

We are looking for a new lawyer for the position of Junior Associate to join our team in Kraków. If you see yourself in our team, want to work on projects for large Polish and international companies, in a friendly atmosphere and cooperative team of experienced lawyers supporting your development and competencies, write to us! […]

Grand opening

We had the extremely pleasant opportunity to participate in the opening of another factory by our client – Rector Polska, a manufacturer of construction products. We advised on this project at the stage of property audit for the future investment and then at its subsequent stages. The culmination of this successful venture was the commissioning […]

We’re recruiting!

Due to the development of our law firm we are looking for new people to join our team in Kraków. We are looking for a person who will participate in the work of the real estate law department and in the comprehensive legal service of orders for national and international clients of the law firm. […]

Access to company data

A court battle to obtain our client’s access to selected information on the operations of a limited liability company in which he is a shareholder ended successfully. The court emphasised that an individual’s right to control as referred to in article 212 of the Code of Commercial Partnerships and Companies as well as access to […]

Another successful negotiation

Another store of over 1,000 sq m will be built and leased to our client. We had the pleasure of participating in the negotiations and preparation of another such agreement for the intensively expanding chain of stores.

The authority changes its mind

We successfully represented a client in a procedure before the Head of the Customs and Tax Office in a case regarding the right to deduct VAT. The authority initially challenged the right, alleging lack of due diligence in verifying a contractor who, in the authority’s opinion, had committed tax offences. The procedure in these cases […]

Conviction for non-payment

Lack of payment for completed construction works may result in criminal liability of the party ordering the works. We led the court of first instance to convict such an unreliable contractor. We demonstrated in the trial that the wronged subcontractor had been misled as to the general contractor’s ability to meet its obligations (fraud under […]

PUODO and burglary

The President of the Polish Office for the Protection of Personal Data (PUODO) has positively assessed the actions taken by a company we advised in connection with a break-in at its headquarters and the resulting personal data breach.