land-use planning

The process of implementing the study of spatial development conditions and directions and then the local spatial development plan are key moments that often determine the possibility and manner of real property development for many years.

It should be borne in mind that the provisions of the local spatial development plan may also determine whether in the future an obligation to pay the so-called planning rent arises or a claim for compensation for reduction of the real property value arises.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your property to the fullest or want to make it more attractive and thus more expensive, you cannot remain passive at the stage of enacting the study and plan.

For years we have been supporting our Clients in such matters, at every stage of planning procedures – from submitting applications, through filing comments, to challenging these acts. On the other hand, in the case of properties for which no local zoning plan is in force, we assist in obtaining favourable zoning decisions, as well as in challenging unfavourable decisions issued for neighbouring properties.

In summary, we support clients by offering:

  • analysis of land development possibilities in the light of the local spatial development plan,
  • representation in administrative proceedings to establish the development conditions for the Client’s property or for neighbouring properties,
  • assistance in the preparation of applications and comments on drafts of studies of conditions and directions of spatial development and local spatial development plans, including appeals against resolutions adopted in this respect,
  • representation in cases concerning compensation for reduction of real estate value.

Some of the cases we have handled so far include:

  • preparation of applications and comments to plans in large cities (e.g. Kraków, Łódź) and smaller communes (e.g. Mogilany),
  • developing for an entrepreneur from the manufacturing sector an action strategy to mitigate the negative effects of planned changes to the existing local spatial development plan,
  • cooperation with officials at the stage of drafting local spatial development plans,
  • representation in matters of obtaining decisions on development conditions in “difficult” areas, in the vicinity of protected areas.

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